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Chinese Style Folding Fan

Chinese Style Folding Fan

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Product Description

The folding fan is a traditional Chinese handicraft product with a long history. It is a foldable fan made of bamboo or ivory as the fan bones and tough paper or silk as the fan surface. The fan is small and can be held in the hand, and is suitable for close viewing. 

Paired with Hanfu, they are the perfect accessory for ladies due to their lightweight and portable design. As gifts, they are simple yet thoughtful; as decorative ornaments at home, they serve as carriers of culture and an integral part of your home's beauty.


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Product information (unit: cm)

Fan bone: Bamboo

Style: Folding Fan

Size: 21cm when contracted and 38cm when opened

*The size is measured manually. If the error is about 1-2cm, it is within the normal range.

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