Cheongsam/Qipao size selection guide

Want to buy a Cheongsam, but don’t know how to choose the size? Don't worry, SheyGo is here for you.
Check this height/weight chart for a quick lookup:



For more accurate size selection, you can refer to the following dimensions:

Measurements: bust, waist, and hip 

* Make sure you only wear underweard to get the net size of your body data.
  • Bust circumference: the largest circle of the chest.
  • Waist circumference: The thinnest circle around your waist. Do not tuck in your belly when measuring.
  • Hip circumference: the largest circle of the butt.
When choosing a cheongsam, the net size should be: 3-4-4, that means: chest + 3cm, waist + 4cm, hip + 4cm.
When size selection conflicts:
(1) Satisfy the largest part! If your hips are the largest size, choose a size that fits your hips. When the bust, waist and hip circumferences do not match, use the largest part size part.
(2) Choose big instead of small. You can always change the big to small, but there is nothing you can do if we get a smaller size.

What if I don't know how to measure my body?

For waist and hips, take a look at your jeans and use below chart:


For bust, check your bra size and use below chart:


We would suggest you to give a little extra space when choosing a cheongsam, you don't really want the dress been too tight. Loose-cut not only means more comfortable, but also means better outfits in general.

Length of Cheongsam

Above the knee: (Length = height - 80cm) Lively and fashionable, this size is basically on the golden section line and does not pick on your body shape.
Over the knee: (length=height-55cm) Suitable for the one with beautiful calves and legs. It is an elegant and mature style.
Cross the calf: (length = height - 45cm) Convenient for daily activities, the best choice for commuting and business. Maggie Cheung use to wear at this length in her movies a lot.
Exposed ankles: (length = height - 35cm) Perseved chocie, it is beautiful and convenient, no pressure for daily life.
Showing your toes: (clothes length = height - 25cm) makes you look taller and slimmer, maximizing your figure! Best choice for a special dinner.
The size of cheongsam is a little different from other clothes, please refer to the size chart during shopping. If you need help on size selection, our professional customer service representatives are always here for you, please find us in the right-down corner.


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