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【Dragonfly】Chinese Style Hair Pin

【Dragonfly】Chinese Style Hair Pin

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Product Description

Hairpin is a kind of jewelry used to fix and decorate hair in ancient China. The biggest difference in appearance between hairpins and hairpins is that hairpins only have one strand of pins, while hairpins have two strands of pins. Some of the strands of pins are long and one is short, and some are the same. long. Because the hairpin is made of two strands of pins, it often becomes a keepsake for lovers and couples when they part ways: a woman divides the hairpin into two parts, gives one half to her husband, and keeps the other half for herself to recognize when they meet again in the future.【Dragonfly】 This hairpin is small and exquisite. Inspired by dragonflies, it is decorated with beads in series. It is natural and agile, like a drop of water flying. When you encounter it in the spring breeze, it is leisurely and romantic, unique, ancient and elegant, fashionable and charming.

As a Hanfu accessory, small hairpins can give people a unique and exquisite effect. Pull up your long hair loosely and insert a unique hairpin to become a classic beauty that makes people shine. Hairpins can not only be used with Hanfu, but also with cheongsam and modern clothing in daily life. They are versatile and have many uses.


#Hanfu Accessories

Product Information (unit: cm)

Style: Hairpin

Size: 11.8cm*5.9cm

Maintenance: Metal materials will oxidize, although this product is made of color-preserving electroplating. However, if it is exposed to water, sweat, or direct sunlight for too long, it will cause oxidation and discoloration. Therefore, ladies need to take good care of it, wipe it when not wearing it, pack it in a sealed bag, and store it in a cool and dry place!

*The size is measured manually, if the error is about 1-2 cm, it is within the normal range.

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