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【Fragrant Shadows】 Lady Yang Brass Silver Ball Sachet

【Fragrant Shadows】 Lady Yang Brass Silver Ball Sachet

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The sachet, a cultural symbol that has been passed down for thousands of years in China, can convey friendship, family ties, and love. The ancient Chinese had a tradition of wearing sachets. In the history of sachets, there is a story about the "Lady Yang's Sachet" that is unforgettable. During the An Lushan Rebellion, Emperor Xuanzong fled from Chang'an and, facing the threat of war, had to leave his beloved consort, Yang Yuhuan, to die at the Mawei Slope and buried her there. When Emperor Xuanzong returned to the capital from Sichuan and had Yang Yuhuan's remains moved, her skin had decayed, but the sachet she wore on her chest remained intact. Seeing this, Emperor Xuanzong couldn't help but shed tears. Throughout the ages, countless poems have been written about their story. Contrary to the historical saying that "the fragrance vanished with the jade," Yang Yuhuan, through the medium of the sachet, left an enduring impression not only on Emperor Xuanzong but also on people in later generations.

Many modern people think that sachets are made of silk, but in ancient times, there were also gold and silver sachets, primarily made of precious metals in hollow spherical shapes. Otherwise, how could Yang Yuhuan's sachet remain intact while her body decayed?

This sachet gift box is inspired by the sachet worn by Lady Yang, meticulously replicated. Adorned with grape, flower, and bird patterns symbolizing blessings and romance, this exquisite accessory emits a delightful fragrance. Carrying it with you, surrounded by its scent, can uplift one's mood and add an air of elegance to scholars and refined ladies. It is an excellent choice for gifting.



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Product Information (unit: cm)

Material: Copper Alloy

Style: Sachet

Size: Gift box 22 cm × 13 cm × 4.5 cm

*The size is measured manually, so an error of about 1-2 cm is within the normal range.

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