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【Heart of the Fantasy Sea】Hanfu Necklace

【Heart of the Fantasy Sea】Hanfu Necklace

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All three necklace shells have a fantasy effect. How to distinguish between pink and transparent colors? The center decoration of each color is different. The pink necklace becomes pinker when the light is darker. The photo shows the effect in full light. The transparent necklace is white in dark light and light pink in bright light.

Product Description

The necklace was originally a kind of decoration on the neck of the ancient Indian Buddha statue. Later, it was introduced to China along with Buddhism. In the Tang Dynasty, it was imitated and improved by women who loved beauty and novelty, and became a necklace. It is often hung around the neck and hung in front of the chest. It is made of a variety of small pearls and jade flowers, with beautiful fluidity and rhythm. This necklace is inspired by shells. It is delicate and exquisite, with fresh colors. It is a combination of imitation pearls and glass. It has an elegant texture and full of fantasy colors, just like a mermaid princess .

This necklace fully reflects the beauty and heritage of Hanfu culture, and its craftsmanship is exquisite and delicate. Whether it is used as a Hanfu accessory or an accessory for business occasions such as cheongsam, it can make you cope with it easily~


#Hanfu Accessories

Product information (unit: cm)

Style: Necklace


Necklace Length 43.3cm + 5cm extension chain
*The size is measured manually, so an error of about 1-2 cm is within the normal range.

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Size Guide

Feel confident in your size selection, the loose-fitting design of Hanfu ensures excellent size compatibility.

For personalized size recommendations, our professional customer service team is available at the bottom-right corner of this page.

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  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.

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