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Presale【Lost Time】Chinese Style Necklace

Presale【Lost Time】Chinese Style Necklace

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Note on natural materials: White agate and red agate may have small black spots, lint, impurities, and ice cracks. Large flaws have been picked out, but small flaws may not be avoided. It is normal for blue turquoise to have black spots, pits or lines. It is not an imitation turquoise, so it cannot be perfect. If you are pursuing the perfection of natural materials, please be careful~ The color-preserving process can only extend the oxidation time, but cannot permanently preserve the color. Treat it rationally, try to store it in a sealed container when not in use, and keep away from oil and water~

Product Description

Yingluo was originally a decoration on the necks of ancient Indian Buddha statues. It was later introduced to China along with Buddhism. In the Tang Dynasty, it was imitated and improved by women who loved beauty and sought newness, and turned into a necklace. Often hanging on the neck or hanging on the chest, it is made of a variety of small pearl and jade flowers, with beautiful fluidity and rhythm. This long tassel-backed Hanfu necklace is inspired by traditional Chinese elements. It is elegant and refined without being exaggerated. The agate imitation emerald point instantly brings out the sense of high-end, and the compact lion-like effect instantly enhances your temperament! The style of Ping'an lock puts the meaning of good luck and good luck into it, with ancient charm, elegance and fashionable charm.

This necklace fully embodies the beauty and heritage of Hanfu culture, with exquisite craftsmanship. It can be used as a Hanfu accessory or a sweater chain to meet a variety of needs and allow you to easily cope with various occasions~



#Hanfu Accessories


Product Information (unit: cm)

Material: Color-preserving copper imitation dot Cui Pingan lock, red agate, white agate, alluvial gold accessories, turquoise, color-preserving copper accessories, 14k gold-filled accessories, ice silk tassels

Style: necklace


Yingluo circumference is about 70cm (including 5cm extension chain)

Beiyun is about 55cm (tassel tassel 30cm)

*The size is measured manually, if the error is about 1-2 cm, it is within the normal range.

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